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Architectural fees vary per project and the scope of services requested by the client. All projects slated for contruction must start with a detailed set of drawings. Included in the set of drawings will be architectural ,structural, MEP( a/c, electrical, and plumbing drawings). Often we are asked to prepare Civil, Landscape and Interior Architecture Drawings. As a licensed professional an architect will have to sign and seal the drawings verifing to the best of his knwledge that the drawings have been prepared to the latest edition of the state's building codes and follow the municipalities zoning guidelines. From these drawings a contractor will be able to prepare a detailed bid for the work and attain a building permit.

Methods of compensation include hourly rates, stipulated sum or a percentage of construction. As a general rule, the architect's fee will vary from 5% to 20% of construction cost depending on the services being requested. New residential construction can vary from 8% to 15% while additions and renovations can vary between 15% to 20% of construction cost.

Hiring an architect is a smart investment. Today' s projects cost thousands if not millions of dollars, by comparison an architect's fee is a small percentage of that cost. These fees can also be offset by the immediate and long term cost savings of the project.

An architect performs many roles, he brings innovative ideas, he coordinates with engineers and contractors, he bring the initial concepts and programs of the clients into reality.